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KGOA Model Entrance- Answer Key Published





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Sukomal Sen was an Indian trade union leader. He was theAi?? General Secretary of the Trade Union International of Public and Allied Employees, a structure connected to the World Federation of Trade Unions.[1] He was also theAi?? General Secretary of the All India State Government Employees Federation. and was the Senior Vice-Chairman of the Organisation till his last breath. He is a Central Committee member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Sen was a Rajya Sabha member 1982-1994. He is the author of many books includingAi??:1. Working Class of India: History of Emergence and Movement 1830-1990, 2.May Day and Eight hours’ struggle in India: A political history [5] and his recent book is 3. SOCIALIST REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA IN 1917 TO CAPITALIST COUNTER REVOLUTION IN 1991(In 2 Volumes) published by Aakar Books, Delhi.

.Com. Sukomal Sen expired on 22.11.2017 at 10.00AM in a Kolkatta Hospital. As per his last wishes his mortal remains were donated to the Medical College in Kolkatta for Students’ research purpose

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