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Order No and date Description Download Link 
Circular No.8983/Adv.C3/2015/P&ARD Dated 17-08-2015 Recruitment to public service-Advance intimation to Public service commission regarding Anticipated vacancies-Instructions Download
GO(Rt) No.66/2014/P&ARD Dated 11-11-2014 Purchase of steel furniture from KADKO-Period of validity extented Download
GO(P) No.09/2014/P&ARD Dated 25-10-2014 Disposal of scraps deposited in Government offices through open tender Download
Circular No.1479/Adv.C2/2014/P&ARD Dated 25-9-14 Promotion during the currency of penalty of withholding of increment with or with out cumulative effect- Download
GO(P) No.33/2014/P&ARD Dated 26-09-2014 Compassionate Employment- Seniority of applicant Download
GO(P) No.27/2014/P&ARD Dated 7-08-2014 Kerala Government Servant Conduct rule- Amendment Download
G O (P) No.24/2014/P&ARD Dated 31-7-2014 Self attestation for documents submitted for Govt purpose Download
G O (P) No.20/2014/P&ARD Dated 10-7-2014 Reporting vacancies to PSC through e-mail Download
G O (P) No.20/2014/P&ARD Dated 10-7-2014 Inter Department transfer-Seniority Download
 G O (P) No.22/2014/P&ARD Dated 10-7-2014 Compassionate Employment scheme-Fixing of seniority in appointment against supernumerary post Download